The sound /ɔɪ/ diphthong


This means your mouth should move from one position to another.




  • "oi" - noise, point
  • "oy" - employ, oyster

This vowel is usually stressed, as in these words:
  • noisy
  • oyster
  • enjoy
However, /ɔɪ/ can be unstressed. In an unstressed syllable, /ɔɪ/ is pronounced quickly and softly.
  • alloy
  • viewpoint
  • turmoil
Compare /ɔɪ/ with /ɑɪ/:

These are both diphthong vowels. However, /ɔɪ/ starts with your tongue pulled backwards with your lips forming a circle, and /ɑɪ/ starts with your tongue pulled downwards with your lips widened.
You can hear the difference between /ɔɪ/ and /ɑɪ/ in these words.
1. A. boy, B. by
2. A. voice, B. vice
3. A. toys, B. ties
4. A. foil, B. file
5. A. point, B. pint
6. A. alloy, B, ally

Now compare /ɔɪ/ and /ɔ/:

The sound /ɔ/ is a mid, back vowel. The sound /ɔɪ/ starts as /ɔ/ but it moves quickly into a high, front vowel.

You can hear the difference between /ɔɪ/ and /ɔ/ in these words.
1. A. joy, B. jaw
2. A. poise, B. pause
3. A. loin, B. lawn
4. A. oil, B. all
5. A. boiling, B. bawling
6. A. cloying, B. clawing
Listen and repeat these words:
1. boy
2. voice
3. soil
4. coin
5. point
6. annoy
7. noisy
8. avoid
9. oyster
10. poison 
11. exploit
12. enjoying
13. employee
14. boiler
15. alloy
16. viewpoint
17. moisture
18. toiletries 
19. voyage
20. loyal

Now, practice /ɔɪ/ in sentences. Say the words first, then the sentences:
1. boy - toys
The boy didn't put away all his toys.
2. annoyed - noisy
I'm annoyed by our noisy neighbors.
3. enjoys - coins
My uncle enjoys collecting old coins.
4. employees - joined
The new employees joined us for lunch.
5. pointed - oysters
My friend pointed out the shop that sells oysters.
6. avoid - oil
Please avoid putting too much oil in the food.

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