The sound /tʃ/ voiceless, alveo-palatal, affricate consonant




  • “ch” – change, march
  • “tch” – watch, kitchen,
  • “ce” – cello, concerto
  • “t (+u)” – culture, fortune
  • “t (+i)” – question, suggestion


The sound /tʃ/ can be in these consonant clusters:
  • Beginning of a Syllable
  • End of a Syllable
/rtʃ/ (“rch”) - porch
/rtʃt/ (“rched”) - marched
/ltʃ/ (“lch” ) - mulch
/ltʃt/ (“lched”) - filched
/ntʃ/ (“nch”) - ranch
/ntʃt/ (“nched”) - pinched

Compare /tʃ/ with /ʃ/.

The sounds /tʃ/ and /ʃ/ are both voiceless, alveo-palatal consonants. However, /tʃ/ is an affricate while /ʃ/ is a fricative. When you pronounce /tʃ/, the air in your mouth should stop (like a /t/) before it is released (like a /ʃ/).

You can hear the difference between /tʃ/ and /ʃ/ in these words.
1. A. chop, B. shop
2. A. choose, B. shoes
3. A. which, B. wish
4. A. march, B. marsh
5. A. leeches, B. leashes
6. A. matching, B. mashing

Now compare /tʃ/ and /t/:

The sounds /tʃ/ and /t/ are both voiceless consonants pronounced near the alveolar ridge. However, /tʃ/ is a alveo-palatal affricate while /t/ is an alveolar stop. The sound /tʃ/ has some air released.

You can hear the difference between /tʃ/ and /t/ in these words.
1. A. chime, B. time
2. A. chalk, B. talk
3. A. notch, B. not
4. A. porch, B. port
5. A. kitchen, B. kitten
6. A. hunching, B. hunting
Listen and repeat these words:
1. chin
2. cheese
3. change
4. chopstick
5. chapter
6. chance
7. challenge
8. charger
9. match
10. teach
11. search
12. approach
13. lunch
14. church
15. feature
16. furniture
17. suggestion
18. fortunate
19. exchange
20. parchment

Now, practice /tʃ in sentences. Say the words first, then the sentences.
1. teacher – research – speeches
Our teacher taught us how to do research for speeches.
2. matching – chopsticks – lunch 
We need a pair of matching chopsticks for lunch.
3. chess - checkers - porch 
Do you want to play chess or checkers on the porch?
4. search – attachment
Use the search bar to find the email with the attachment.
5. exchanged – WeChat – touch 
The students exchanged WeChat information so they could stay in touch.
6. choose – cheaper – charger
You can choose a cheaper charger.

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