The sound /v/ voiced, labiodental, fricative consonant




  • “v”/”ve” – vet, leave
  • “f” - of
The sound /v/ can be in these consonant clusters
  • Beginning of a Syllable
  • End of a Syllable
/lv/ (“lve”) - shelve
/lvz/ (“lves”) - themselves
/lvd/ ("lved") - delved
/rv/ (“rve”) - carve
/rvz/ (“rves”) - serves
/rvd/ ("rved") - starved

Grammar Tip:

The sound /v/ is present in the suffix “-ive.” This suffix may turn a verb into an adjective, or sometimes a noun.
  • act --> active (adjective)
  • create --> creative (adjective)
  • decide --> decisive (adjective)
  • direct --> directive (noun)
Compare /v/ with /f/:

Both /v/ and /f/ are labiodental, fricative consonants. However, /v/ is voiced and /f/ is voiceless. When you pronounce /v/, your vocal cords should vibrate. At the end of a word, the vowel before /v/ will be longer than the vowel before /f/.

You can hear the difference between /v/ and /f/ in these words.
1. A. vine, B. fine
2. A. veer, B. fear
3. A. view, B. few
4. A. save, B. safe
5. A. proves, B. proofs
6. A. believe, B. belief

Now, compare /v/ with /w/:

Both /v/ and /w/ are voiced consonants that involve lip movement. However, /v/ is a voiced labiodental consonant, and /w/ is a bilabial glide. When you pronounce /v/, your upper lip should rub against your lower teeth, but when you pronounce /v/ your lips should not touch your teeth.

You can hear the difference between /v/ and /f/ in these words.
1. A. vest, B. west
2. A. vow, B. wow
3. A. vale, B. whale
4. A. viper, B. wiper
5. A. verse, B. worse
5. A. roving, B. rowing
Listen and repeat these words:
1. vest
2. very
3. veer
4. violin
5. visor
6. vendor
7. love
8. save
9. shelve
10. curve
11. above
12. believe
13. creative
14. over
15. heaven
16. moving
17. deliver
18. advice
19. convey
20. advantage

Now, practice /v/ in sentences. Say the words first, then the sentences.
1. travel – overseas – vacation
We will travel overseas on our vacation.
2. five – visitors – arrive
At five o’clock, our visitors will arrive.
3. vendor– seventh - souvenirs
The vendor on Seventh Street sells souvenirs.
4. of – relatives – love – volleyball
All of our relatives love volleyball.
5. approve – of - violent - behavior
I don’t approve of his violent behavior.
6. every – evening – drive – visit
Every evening, I drive to visit my grandfather.

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